About Zeilstra vb&t Owners’ Association Administration

Who are we?

Zeilstra vb&t Owners’ Association Administration, has supervised owners’ associations throughout the Netherlands for decades. With years of knowledge and experience we can advise for your owners’ association, small or large, on all levels. We are experts in the financial, legal, technical and social fields, in which we can support you, the owner/board member, in making the right decisions.

Professionalising the administration of your owners’ association is an investment in your association. As administrator of an owners’ association, we act on behalf of it. Therefore, clear communication and personal contact with its board members are pivotal.

We work with the Twinq digital property package. In the special customer portal ‘Mijn VvE’ you can easily and digitally submit reports and repair requests to us. In addition, the portal provides the owners insight into the association’s affairs, such as the minutes of an annual meeting, the annual operations account, the deed of division and repair requests. The board may even examine the association’s entire financial bookkeeping.

Owners’ association

VvE stands for owners’ association [Vereniging voor Eigenaren]. When a building is divided into apartments, the regulations pertaining to the division are recorded in a deed of division, the property division regulations and also often in internal regulations. These regulations apply to all owners, administered by the owners’ association. All apartment owners are represented by this association. The board member(s) of the owners’ association will be appointed during the owners’ meeting. Zeilstra vb&t Owners’ Association Administration can take over many of the board’s tasks.